What does it mean to support original work?

Supporting the original work of young artists in Sri Lanka sustains and nurtures the Sri Lankan theatre scene, helps to deepen audience engagement with culture and the arts, and supports the discovery of new, more sensitive, progressive approaches to meaning-making for all of us.

Why support queer art?

Same-sex relations are still criminalized in Sri Lanka under sections 365 and 365A of the Sri Lankan Penal Code. Despite the every-day discrimination and structural oppression that queer communities have to face, we refuse to be silent. We refuse to be invisible. 

Queer art allows queer artists to tell our own stories; to decide how we are seen. 

By supporting queer art, you support queer voices.

What are the other sources of funding?

In Sri Lanka, there is no public funding for the arts. Private-sector funding can be procured, and this is usually key to the survival of the arts-scene here. But corporate funding can be limited, and also limiting.

Because of the nature of the content, we can't (and don't want to!) approach big corporations for sponsorships. This means we are reliant on  the generosity of like-minded folks like yourself! We have overcome various hurdles, personal and otherwise, to bring THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU SO to audiences in Sri Lanka. Help us take this to the end!

You have a role to play, and you have the power.